Spread the word. Reap the rewards.

We understand this is a challenging and uncertain time for our local communities and our customers. To say thank you for signing up for SC Broadband Gig Internet and to provide some assistance during a difficult financial period, we’re offering a way for you to earn free credits on your SC Broadband bill.

Simply tell friends and family about the great service and support you’ve received from SC Broadband and we’ll provide a $45 billing credit for everyone you refer that gets Gig Internet service installed. There’s no limit to the credits you can earn! Not only will you get a $45 bill credit, but you’re also gifting your family, friends, and neighbors a $45 credit on their first bill!

If you’ve pre-ordered but don’t yet have service installed, you still qualify and can rack up an unlimited number of credits for when fiber gets connected at your house. Got a big network of family/friends that live in Cedar City? You could earn a lot of money to apply towards your SC Broadband Gig Internet Service!

To help you, we’ve provide a convenient tool for you to look up your unqiue referral code and easily send yourself an email to forward to your contacts and a Facebook post link you can quickjly copy and paste.

As soon as your friend or family member submits a service order, you’ll get a confirmation email about your upcoming credit. Once the referred customer’s service is installed, your $45 referral credit will be applied on your next bill.

Referral Code Look-up Tool

Enter your email address in the box below to retrieve your personal unique referral code that you can provide to friends, family, and colleagues.

PLEASE NOTE: You will need to have current SC Broadband Fiber Gig Internet service in Cedar City or an existing pre-order for service to retreive your code. Make sure to enter the same email address you used to sign up for service.

If you have questions about the Refer-a-Friend Program, please contact our Customer Service Team.
435.263.0000  |  customerservice@scbroadband.com