Internet Content Filtering


This state-of-the-art content filter protects your family against websites containing pornography, drugs, cult, anarchy, obscene and tasteless material, hate groups, and so on. There is no software to purchase because all the filtering is done on our end, making this a secure way to block objectionable content.

Safe-T-Mail Spam and Virus Filtering


Tired of having your inbox filled with unsolicited email or worried about receiving a virus laden email? Does the Prince of Nigeria keep offering you money or do you keep getting annoying offers about a “revolutionary new product”? We totally understand and that is why we offer reliable email filtering. You’ll get the highest level of protection, control and flexibility against spam and other harmful e-mails before they reach your mailbox! There isn’t any software to install and an easy-to-use, web accessible message center allows you to change the way your e-mail is filtered. Take control of your e-mail account today and stop the spam!

Static IP Address


Are you working from home and need a static IP address? Or maybe you are a dedicated gamer interested in hosting a game server with our FiBERlink High Speed Internet? Whatever your specific needs are, you can’t beat this value. Contact a representative to find out more today!