“Since we’ve had SCC,  my daughters can all be home with their kids and no one gets kicked off like we did when we had Century Link.”

Charla Cooke - Paragonah Customer

“South Central is great to work with, and very helpful and have Always resolved my issues for several years now.”

Fred Banks - Long Time Customer

“Always good to work with.  And prompt to respond to any problems.”

Michael McConnell

“Hello! I just wanted to write to than you for the excellent service! I thank everyone from technical support to customer service and especially the technicians that come out to the house.  They are an excellent group of guys and I really appreciate them and your company in general.  You have an A Class company and I am happy to be your customer in such caring hands.  Please thank everyone for me.”

Larry G.

“I was a little hesitant to go with South Central because of the 1 star reviews online, but now I am going to go on there and give your company the highest marks.”

Marty Legant

I have had both TKS and South Central. South Central is far better. It’s a cable connection that isn’t affected by weather. It is guaranteed at a certain speed you buy.

Mark Berg

“I think the speed that we have is amazing, we had other service in the past that was the only available in Enoch and it just wasn’t up to par for what we need to do in our every day lives.  So we were very excited when we were able to get  South Central Communications and the speeds that never buffer.”

Stacy Nelson - Works from home with Cherry Creek Media

“Always do a fantastic job!”

Gary Hackbart

“We chose to partner with them is because their response times are fantastic and their up times, which means the amount of time the Internet actually works is better than anything in the area that we have seen. They are very very service oriented and the team they have on board actually care more about the people and making sure they can do their jobs than just an Internet connection.”

Robert Christian - Symntec

“South Central Communications provides amazing Internet service that keeps the whole family happy.  The automatic billing is convenient, the customer service is friendly and efficient, and the Fiber Internet is FAST and RELIABLE.  We Love South Central!”

Heather Glover - Mom and High School Teacher

“The difference vs the other companies has been astronomical in it’s nature… The #1 that sets out in my mind is the Customer Service.  I call, it gets taken care of…South Central Communications is THE BEST, THE PREMIERE!”

Justin Biggs -Happy Residential and Business Customer

I telecommute to work from my home office to my company in California. I require lots of bandwidth and a stable, reliable connection. I have been pleasantly surprised that I can get this level of quality Internet where I live. I would recommend it to anybody.

Brian Edwards

“South Central is a well run company that provides a needed service for residents and businesses in Southern Utah and Northern Arizona.  In our ever changing technical world I believe those of us that live in this mostly rural area are fortunate to have South Central here to keep us updated and connected going forward.”

Doug Crosby - Happy Rural Customer

“I have been with South Central for several years, and I cant even begin to tell you how much I Love Love Love their service…. Their Internet speed is BLOW YOUR MIND FAST!”

Jennie Hendricks - Century 21 Prestige Reality

“We couldn’t be happier with our Internet service with South Central!  We can have three gaming devices that are often online at the same time, along with phones and laptops and we have never had any issues.  We have family parties with 10 or more people logged in at a time in order to play online games and we have had no problems playing.  South Central and their 1 Gig Internet is PERFECT for our busy family.”

Donnie and April Riddle - Working Parents w/ Busy Kids

“I love your company and enjoy working with you.  You are all awesome.”

Rob LeBaron - IT Director Kaibab Band of Pauite Indians