Technical Support Request Form

We do our best to ensure a great service experience for our customers each and every day. If at any time your service experience is not meeting your expectations, please contact our skilled Technical Support Team. Give us a call at 435-263-0000 or submit a Support Request using the form below.

Power Cycle Reset

Before you contact our Support Team, have you tried a power cycle of your SC Broadband equipment? Unplugging the power cord of your Router and/or Modem, waiting a few seconds, then plugging it back in will reset your equipment. This simple reset can often clear up a number of issues. Please give this a try before reaching out to Tech Support, as it may resolve your issue and save you time when you talk to a Support Rep.

  • Please include any relevant details like what equipment you're using, what issues you're experiencing, when the issue started, or troubleshooting steps you may already tried.