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Step 1: Download the CommandIQ™ app to control your WiFi.

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ExperienceIQ – Enhanced Parental Controls

ProtectIQ – Network Security


While the CommandIQ App can be installed on multiple devices, only one person can be logged into CommandIQ at a time to avoid any setting conflicts. For example – permissions or scheduling. Best practice is to have a shared login for parents, so they cannot issue contradictory instructions at the same time, but can both login as needed to adjust any settings.

Your testing speeds over Wi-Fi are impacted by many things, consider the following:

  • What is the maximum speed the device you’re using will support? If you’re using a Gig Internet connection, most mobile devices are not capable of achieving 1000 Mbps over WiFi with today’s wireless technology.
  • Is there a chance you have a virus or malware on your device?
  • Do you have other applications running on your device when you’re running the speed test?
  • How far are you from the wireless signal? Do you have a good signal?

All of these things may cause slower speed tests results over Wi-Fi.

Because there are number of factors that can affect speeds to an individual device, in order to test your connection speed, it’s best to run a test from your modem/router that’s directly connected to the Internet coming into your home. Simply use the Bandwidth Test within the CommandIQ app to start a test from your Internet equipment.

For further support with your system, contact the SC Broadband Technical Support Team