The build-out of the SC Broadband Fiber Network in Cedar City is a multi-phase project that involves a few different steps before service can be installed in your home. We take great care to ensure each step is completed efficiently and professional to ensure that you receive the best service and best experience. Building such a robust network does take time. Here’s a quick overview of the process fiber installation will take as it reaches your home.

SC Broadband’s mainline fiber construction crew will place either aerial or buried fiber lines in front of your home. While it’s certainly exciting to see the trucks laying lines in front of your house, more work is still ahead.

Once mainline fiber is complete, an individual fiber connection is spliced to serve each home and business. A separate splicing crew will work to finalize the connection to your home.

Another crew will then connect a fiber “drop” line to your home and this fiber could either be aerial or buried. If buried, utility lines may need to be located and painted and the planned route for your SC Broadband fiber connection will be white. If we bury any conduit, crews will rake back rock and mulch or restore other ground coverings.

When the fiber connection has been completed to your home, our Dispatch Team will reach out to schedule your installation. During your installation appointment, our technicians will evaluate your home and install equipment that provide WiFi to every corner of your house.

If your have any questions about SC Broadband Fiber Gig Internet or would like to sign up for, see more information on our website. Or please contact our Customer Service Team at 435.263.0000.